Writing about Teaching

Writing for and about Business Education

This page features some of my teaching and learning writing and research, including the two research-based textbooks written for my classes by researchers and practitioners, as well as research articles about my teaching and learning praxis.

Research-Based Textbooks

The Vision and the Reality: EEO and Managing Diversity in New Zealand

This research-based textbook was the first in New Zealand to focus specifically on EEO and managing diversity in the NZ context. Published in 1994, it features chapters from a range of academics throughout NZ in a variety of disciplines and also features interviews and chapters written by practitioners. Several chapters have been reprinted elsewhere.

The publishers have given permission for the book to be shared. Please contact me if you would like an e-copy.

The Global Garage: Home-Based Businesses in New Zealand

This research-based textbook was the first in the world to focus on home-based businesses. Published in 2005, it features chapters written by staff in the School of Management, as well as from other universities in New Zealand, and Masters and PhD students. It stresses the amount the innovative businesses being developed in NZ garages, over kitchen tables, and in workshops.

The publishers have given permission for the book to be shared. Please contact me if you would like an e-copy.

Journal Articles, Book Chapters and Other Material

Lessons to Publications

Sayers, J. G., & Monin, N. (2009). Chaplin's Modern Times: Service work, authenticity and nonsense at the Red Moon Cafe. In M. Korczynski, & C. Macdonald (Eds.), Service work: Critical perspectives (pp. 11-29). USA: Routledge.

An example of a lesson (using Charlie Chaplin's film Modern Times to talk about service work), which started as a lesson and became a publication, and now is a resource around the world for educators.

Understanding On-line Business Education Story-telling Practices

Bell, E., Panayiotou, A., & Sayers, J. (2019). Reading the TED talk genre: Contradictions and pedagogical pleasures in spreading ideas about management. Academy of Management Learning and Education, 18(4), 547-563. doi:10.5465/amle.2017.0323

This Academy of Management Learning and Education research article was the outcome of a con-joint research in the UK, NZ and Cyprus, and looked the practice of using Ted Talks in business education. We argue the Ted Talks form can be helpful to impart information, but we draw attention to the limitations of its tropes and medium.

Rethinking Business Education

Martin, L., Edwards., & Sayers, J. G. (2018). A novel discovery: Exploring women’s literary fiction for use in management and leadership education. Academy of Management Learning and Education, 17(1), 24-40. doi:10.5465/amle.2016.0369

This article argues for more use of women's fiction and women's stories in leadership education as leadership models are almost always expressed through men's stories of adventure, heroism and derring-do.

Using Comic Interventions in the Classroom

Bathurst, R. J., Sayers, J. G., & Monin, N. (2008). Finding beauty in the banal: An exploration of service work in the artful classroom. Journal of Management & Organization, 14(5), 521-534. doi:10.5172/jmo.837.14.5.521

This publication in the Journal of Management and Organization discussed the use of comic interventions my classroom.

Student Aspirations. Hopes and Dreams

Dewar, K., Sayers, J. G., & Meyer, D. H. (2002). Hopes, dreams and reality: an investigation into the expectations and experiences of tourism graduates. Journal of Teaching in Travel & Tourism, 2(1), 1-18.

An example of early research looking at Tourism education and its impact on students and their aspirations.

Reflecting on Teaching ESL Students

Sayers, J. G., & Franklin, P. H. (2008). Culture shock! Cultural issues in a tertiary course using reflective techniques. Reflective Practice, 9(1), 79-88. doi:10.1080/14623940701816675

This article evidences my long standing reflective practice when it comes to adapting methods, curriculum and assessments to the needs of ESL.

EEO, Managing Diversity, and other topics

I have provided many chapters on EEO and Managing Diversity practice and theory for use in educational contexts.

Ang, E. K., & Sayers, J. G. (2013). Managing diversity. In J. Parker, & J. Arrowsmith (Eds.), The Big Issues in Employment: HR Management and Employment Relations in New Zealand (pp. 75-94). Auckland: CCH New Zealand Ltd.

Sayers, J. G. (2012). Managing Diversity. Denmark: Bookboon. Retrieved from http://bookboon.com/en/managing-diversity-ebook.

Sayers, J. G. (2008). Managing employee diversity. In Keith Macky (Ed.), Managing Human Resources: Contemporary Perspectives in New Zealand (pp. 82-107). Sydney: McGraw Hill.

Sayers, J. G., & Ruffolo, L. (2007). What lessons can we learn from Babe, a sheep-pig, about cultural adaptation? In Department of Management and International Business Research Working Paper Series (Vol. 2007, pp. 1-16). Massey University, Department of Management and International Business, and now published as an Ebook in my Interface series. See here.

Sayers, J. G. (2005). Managing conflict at work. In F. Sligo, & R. Bathurst (Eds.), Communication in the New Zealand Workplace: Theory and Practice (pp. 83-94). Wellington, NZ: Software Technology New Zealand. I also co-authored an earlier version of this textbook when I taught the introductory undergraduate communication paper.