Teaching and Supervision Portfolio

Welcome to the Teaching and Supervision Portfolio of Associate Professor Janet Grace Sayers

This portfolio provides my teaching and learning philosophy, examples of how I turn philosophy into reality, and reflections on my practice.

I am influenced by educators and writers such as Paulo Freire and bell hooks, and in practice I enact my own spin on their philosophies by working ceaselessly to remove constraints to participation in education, and enable all learners - no matter the perceptions of their capacities and abilities - to express themselves in ways that help them achieve personal growth. Creativity, innovation, critical thinking, and doing business education differently, are all hallmarks of how I do teaching and learning.

In this portfolio you will find my personal teaching and learning story, including my reflections, as I have expressed my own unique signature in what I do. Specifically I:

  • articulate my personal philosophy and explain how I turn philosophy into practice;

  • speak about my relationship to Te Tiriti;

  • introduce some of my postgraduate student projects;

  • provide key examples of resources I have co-developed with students to make their amazing work available to others to co-create knowledge and practice in classrooms and curriculums;

  • showcase my students' work to show how I promote innovative and creative assignments, tasks and curriculums;

  • provide examples of business cases developed to bring the real world of business into flipped classrooms;

  • showcase research articles and other material about my teaching praxis published in international well-regarded journals and books;

  • provide free the books I have written for and with students in my courses to show examples of how I decrease the constraint of cost.

I also provide written reflections on my practice throughout this portfolio. These are honest assessments of what has gone well, what I have struggled with, and what I intend to develop in the future based on what I have learnt.

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All examples of student work are shared with their permission.

Images are public domain from Wikimedia unless otherwise indicated.