Other Publications

This page provides FYI some of my other published work which I have published or presented during my career.

Edited Research Books

Sayers, J.G & Tremaine, M. (1994). The Vision and the Reality: Equal Employment Opportunities in New Zealand. Dunmore Press: Palmerston North.

Sayers, J., & Monin, N. (Eds.) (2005). The Global Garage: Home-Based Business in New Zealand. Southbank, VIC: Cengage


Sayers, J. G. (2012). Managing Diversity. Denmark: Bookboon. Retrieved from http://bookboon.com/en/managing-diversity-ebook

Sligo, F. X., Fountaine, S. L., Sayers, J. G., & O'Neill, D. (2000). Effective Communication in Business (3rd ed.). Palmerston North, NZ: Software Technology NZ Ltd.

Encyclopedia Entries

Sayers, J. G. (2012). Home-based business. In M. Marvel (Ed.), Encyclopedia of New Venture Management. SAGE.

Sayers, J. G. (2011). Charlie Chaplin 1889-1977. In Runco, MA, & Pritzker, SR (Eds.), Encyclopedia of Creativity (2nd ed., pp. 192-196). San Diego, USA: Academic Press, Elsevier.

Case Studies

Sayers, J. G. (2001). Vodafone's Xmas party with a difference. In G. E. Ed (Ed.), Human Resource Management in Action: Contemporary New Zealand Cases (Vol. 2, pp. 160-164). Palmerston North, NZ: Dunmore Press.

Also see my self-published Interface Series explained in my Teaching and Supervision Portfolio under the tab 'Free Books'.

Book Reviews

Sayers, J. G. (2014). Communication Power. Work, Employment and Society, 28(1), 142-144.

Sayers, J. G. (2011). Remaking management: Between global and local. Management Learning, 42(2), 232-234. doi:10.1177/13505076110420020606

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Sayers, J. G. (2001). Women and work. The age of post-feminism? Women in Management Review, 16(4), 193-195.

Chapters in Textbooks

Ang, E. K., & Sayers, J. G. (2013). Managing diversity. In J. Parker, & J. Arrowsmith (Eds.), The Big Issues in Employment: HR Management and Employment Relations in New Zealand (pp. 75-94). Auckland: CCH New Zealand Ltd.

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Keen, C., & Sayers, J. G. (2005). Smart, fast, small and virtual: innovative home-based internet businesses (HBIB) in New Zealand. In J. Sayers, & N. Monin (Eds.), The Global Garage: Home-Based Business in New Zealand (pp. 185-204). Southbank, VIC: Dunmore Press.

Sayers, J. G. (2005). 'Show and tell': The home as shop window in direct-selling. as above

Sayers, J. G. (2005). Looking back to the future. as above

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Sayers, J. G. (2005). Directions for further research. as above

Sayers, J. G. (2005). Home based business in New Zealand. In C. Massey (Ed.), Entrepreneurship and Small Business in New Zealand. Sydney: Pearson.

Conference Presentations - All Types

I have presented at 75+ local and international conferences, presenting my work to other researchers and practitioners of all types to gain feedback and develop work, and present results back to communities.