Current Projects

Innovation in Knowledge Creation and Impactful projects

I am committed to continuing my journey to use novel theories and methodologies to understand and help businesses and organizations of all types deal with current challenges facing the planet. I am involved in several ongoing collaborative projects.

  • I am currently co-editing the Routledge Series Focus on Women Writers in Organization Studies with Professor Alison Pullen. Go here for more information on this series.

  • I have been recently been appointed as an Associate Editor of Gender, Work & Organisation, a highly regarded (A in ABDC) international journal. I will be actively encouraging work from Oceania.

  • I am part of a group of women from around the world (USA, Australia, UK, Scandinavia) presenting at the Academy of Management Conference on feminist new materialism. Our Colloquium and Professional Development Workshops were featured on the Meeting program in 2022. I am an active member of several groups of international scholars who work with new materialist, posthumanist, and process ontology concepts.

  • I am an Advisor for Sociodigital Research, a research group looking at digital divide issues and other ethical issues arising from new digital technologies. Go here. I have been an Academic Adviser on projects (e.g. digital capital of families) undertaken through grants from Internet NZ. Our latest research focuses on older women's (50+) digital experience which tends to be discounted through contemporary digital HRM selection processes.

  • I have an ongoing project in Foxton, working with stakeholders in the community, and a group of One Welfare scholars at the Eastern Institute of Technology, including Associate Professor Rachel Forrest and Dr. Leena Awawdeh. We are using human-animal relations concepts and Mātauranga Māori to understand and help assist the co-flourishing of people and nature in the community of Foxton.

  • I am currently working with students on projects about social entrepreneurship, leadership, and young people. I have a paper in development to submit to a Special Issue on Entrepreneuring for Human Relations. This project will also have the practical impact of providing a report which can be used by local councils as they invest in skateparks in their communities.

  • I have been involved with critical food scholars in putting together a Special Section of GWO. These papers all focus on making visible women's work in food production using the lenses of feminist and critical race studies. Swan, E., Perrier, M., & Sayers, J. (in process, 2022). Foodwork: Racialized, gendered and classed labors. Gender, Work and Organization. Hopefully, our introduction to the Special Section will be completed soon and published. The other two editors are well-known food studies scholars in the United Kingdom.

  • I am working on a paper on the ethics of organizational play with Dr. Barbara Plester (a well-known humour and play scholar at the University of Auckland) using the work of Brian Massumi.

  • I have joined a Health Research Council bid with other New Zealand scholars to investigate return-to-work policy and pathways.