Research and Enterprise Portfolio

Welcome to the Research and Enterprise Portfolio of Janet Grace Sayers

In this portfolio you will find an overview of my research and enterprise activities.

On the page 'Overview', I provide a summary of my research trajectory and explain what my interests and concerns are.

On the page 'What I Do and Why' I provide a more detailed explanation of my research, outline some of my key publications in each topic area, and indicate how I have made my work available to a wider audience, and the impact that it has had.

On the page 'Current Projects', I explain what my current concerns and foci are, and what I will be doing for the next five years.

On the Page 'Other Publications' I list some of my other work FYI.

Links to my papers can be found on my public profile page hosted at Massey University, or please contact me directly through Massey's pages and I will send any material I have direct to you.

This web site in a personal site of Janet Sayers, hosted on Google Sites. Please go here for my public profile pages hosted at Massey University, Aotearoa New Zealand. You can contact me through Massey's portal.

All student work is shared with permission. Images are from Wikimedia public domain unless otherwise indicated.

This is a private site for people with link only.