Introducing Janet Grace Sayers



My research is currently focused on addressing contemporary challenges using concepts that can address the urgent, complex and fast moving nature of our times. Recent events have underscored my view that businesses cannot be neutral with respect to political and ethical questions. My focus is organizational studies and I have a particular interest in understanding processes of marginalization because injustice undermines social cohesion, peace and the flourishing of all life. My approach to business research is often considered novel. We need to think outside of conventional means of analysis to address the risks and potential rewards of the world we live in.


I have enjoyed facilitating co-learning in a wide range of courses:

  • diversity management,

  • organizational behaviour,

  • service management,

  • human resource management,

  • small business management,

  • entrepreneurship,

  • intercultural communication,

  • and other communication and business courses.

Additionally I teach postgraduate courses such as Advanced Organizational Behavior and Advanced Service Management.

I am a highly engaged and very experienced accredited mentor-level supervisor. My students engage in projects that are critical and and/or creative and deal with contemporary social and business challenges in my areas of expertise. I work with students to express their ideas and knowledge through their own unique experiences and talents.

Current Position

Professor of Organisational Studies, School of Management, Massey University, Aotearoa New Zealand


Doctor of Philosophy - University of Auckland (2004)

Master of Business Studies - Massey University (1990)

Diploma in Business and Administration - Massey University (1986)

Bachelor of Arts - Massey University (1985)

Relevant Certifications and Registrations

License, Mentor Supervisor, Massey University

Other Current Affiliations and Key Professional Development Events

Co-Founder OnBoard Skate. Go here.

Associate Editor Asia and Pacific Culture and Organization 2005-2019

Associate Editor Gender, Work and Organization 2022-

New Zealand Representative, International Board of Standing Group on Organizational Symbolism 2005-

Founding Member MPOWER (Massey People, Organization, Work and Employment Research)

Leadership Training Course 2016

Associate Member New Zealand Centre for Human-Animal Studies. Go here.

Massey Leadership and Management Training 2018

Te Kanano Level 5 Certificate of Proficiency 2008

Employers and Manufacturers Association Trainer 2010-2013 approx.

MBA Program Coordinator (Minder) 2001-2004 approx.

Program Manager for UNITEC Bachelor of International Communication 1994-1998

Member - European Group on Organizational Symbolism ongoing

Member - Academy of Management ongoing

This web site in a personal site of Janet Sayers. Please go here for my public profile pages hosted at Massey University, Aotearoa New Zealand. You can contact me through Massey's portal.

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